Persolin 1917 Guiseppe Ratti, photographer and owner of Berry Opticians located in a small courtyard in Turin, Italy began to make technically advanced glasses “per il sole” – for the sun, later to be known as Persol.
The first model called “Protector” had round, smoked lenses attached with elastic bands. During WWI, they were used by several air forces, including that of the United States. Persol Protectors were also favored by race car drivers and motorcylcists.
In 1957 Persol came out with model 649, one of their most iconic styles, originally designed for the tram drivers in Turin.
Persols can be recognized by the Arrow symbols that adorn the frame. The decoration which is now known as the Supreme Arrow was first introduced in the late 1930′s and was inspired by the swords of ancient warriors. 

Persols are also distinguished by a system of flexible temples – a design patented in 1930′s and still used today, in order to increase comfort.