Alain Mikli

Alain MikliAlain Miklitarian was born in 1955 in the rhône region of france discovered paris and the lycée fresnel, specializing in optics. school is where he learns a skill, but also where he meets other teenagers for whom eyeglasses, he concludes, are “prostheses for the near blind”. actually, when he started, he himself made “prosthesis-like glasses: well-behaved, commonplace, unimaginative”, in line with what he had learned at optician school.
that phase was short-lived: at the age of 23, alain founded his own company with the stated mission to launch a new era for eyewear, a time when vision needs would no longer be in conflict with style and the notion of glasses as prosthesis would forever disappear and be replaced with true “jewelry for the eyes”.
it was the beginning of the alain mikli brand and of the “eyewear designer” concept.
model after model (at least 400 prototypes are created every year), campaign after campaign, he confirms his taste for innovation and provocation. Some of Mikli’s sayings:

  • Putting on a pair of glasses is faster than makeup and easier than plastic surgery, yet the effect can be just as dramatic.
  • When you do something new, it has to age a bit before people start trying it and liking it.
  • I don’t care for fashion because it changes.
  • If you want to cook a masterpiece, don’t follow recipes.
  • To create, we need dreams.
  • Glasses are hugs for the face.
  • “Made in Japan” has a wonderful ring to it: It signifies perfection.